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Rune of the Month: Uruz

-by Saz Cockayne

Uruz is the second rune in Freyja's aett. Freyja's aett is associated with life, heath and physical aspects. Uruz although it relates to cattle again it is more about strength. It is also referred to as an Ox. Oxen are notoriously strong, hard wearing creatures that stand firm.

"Uruz represents the aurochs, the great and wild untameable cattle of northern Europe, which are now extinct." - the elements of the runes, Bernard King.

"The wild ox has great high horns with which it gores; a fierce fighter who boldly stamps the moors." - Old English Rune Poem, Nordic Runes, Paul Rhys Mountford.

"Uruz - Wild Ox. Upright: Strength, Virility, Courage, Endings and Beginnings. Reversed: Beware of missed chances, wrong directions." - Runes for Berginners, Anthony Hilbert.

Uruz looks like a lower case 'n' with sqaured corners and a straight diagonal line between the two vertical lines. If I see this in a reading, I interpret it as strength needed for an upcoming challenge or to stay strong through a challenging time. If it is reversed, I advise to reconsider all options before making a decision.

Strength is something we all need right now through these difficult days. I hope you are all taking care and staying safe.

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