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Rune of the month - Fehu (Elder Futhark)

-by Saz Cockayne For the rune of the month I will be using Elder Futhark. The Elder Futhark contains 24 runes, grouped into aetts. There are three aetts consisting of eight runes each. Each aett is associated with a god/goddess. The first aett is Freyja's aett, the second is Heimdall's aett and the third is Tyr's aett. Fehu is the first rune in Freyjas aett. Freyja's aett contains the first eight runes which are associated with life, health and physical aspects. "Fehu - meaning cattle, represents posessions worn or earned and thus also material gain." - the elements of the runes, Bernard King. "Wealth provides comfort, But you must share it who hope to cast lots for judgment before the gods." - Old English Rune Poem, Nordic Runes, Paul Rhys Mountford. "The English and Norse use of the rune restructs the meanings to 'wealth', the notion of 'livestock' having been lost from the later languages ..." - Rudiments of Runelore, Stephen Pollington. Fehu is an F shape with the horizontal lines going in an upwards diagonal direction, I interpret this to be reaching towards the skies or raising your arms in celebration. It is the rune which represents cattle, property and wealth. When I read this rune in a reading, depending on its location and other runes nearby, I see it as an indicator that they have either received something or you will be rewarded for your hard work. If Fehu is inverted, it would indicate to me that there is a struggle to gain something or receiving a reward that does not reciprocate the efforts made to complete the task - an anticlimax of sorts. As I have said it would depend on the other runes and location of where Fehu falls. Do you have any connections or thoughts on Fehu? Photo is from a Rune card set that I was recently gifted by a dear friend.

Visit the recommended reading list if you wish to read more on the runes or other aspects of Heathenry. Thanks for reading ~ Saz

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