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Recalling the Odin Blot at Asgardian Heathen Festival

The Odin Blot at Asgardian Heathen Festival this year was an extremely powerful experience which affected people in many different ways. I have recorded my experience in the following poem:

A Madness in the Night -Dan Coultas

As the masses made merry, With those who would sell their swords, Hooded men gathered with a single dark purpose. In the still of the night, As flames roared and shadows danced, They would invoke the most dangerous of the Gods. Havi, Hrani, Grimnir.

They knew their task had perils, The Greybeards had forewarned, They knew there was a lot to lose, But oh so much to gain. Havi, Hrani, Grimnir.

They moved unseen through the night, To the place the Gods had gathered, And as the skaldic mercenaries laid down their instruments, The crowd was summoned to the Ve. Havi, Hrani, Grimnir.

A hooded warrior stood motionless, Behind the dancing flames, And as the heathens gathered, A chant began to sound. Havi, Hrani, Grimnir.

Quiet and slow at first, The crowd still inhibited, Still grounded, still sane, The volume slowly rose. Havi, Hrani, Grimnir.

Faster, louder, growing, Some began to dance. Havi, Hrani, Grimnir.

Faster, louder, growing, Wolf calls in the night, Havi, Hrani, Grimnir.

Sleipnir rides from the flames! The warrior is possessed! Havi, Hrani, Grimnir.

No longer fully in this world, Havi, Hrani, Grimnir, What is real? What is false? Havi, Hrani, Grimnir, Freki and Geri howl, Havi, Hrani, Grimnir, Ravens overhead, Havi, Hrani, Grimnir, Inhibitions gone now! Havi, Hrani, Grimnir! Frenzy taking hold! Havi, Hrani, Grimnir! Ecstasy! Passion! Screams! Havi! Hrani! Grimnir! Deception! Betrayal! Storm! Havi! Hrani! Grimnir! Madness! Rage! Death! Havi! Hrani! Grimnir! Havi! Hrani! Grimnir! HAVI!! HRANI!! GRIIIMMMNNNIIIR!!!!!

From nowhere a hooded procession appears. Silence for the Alfather. Flaming torches surround Blifindi, And move forward without a sound. The faceless men surround the roaring fire, All are gripped with wonder, with magic, with fear. Sweat drips from brows, Brave men and women shake, In the awesome presence of the spear God.

A Gothi speaks powerful words, Calling to Hangadrottinn, Summoning him to this place, To witness this rite in his honour. The drums slowly start to sing once more, The hooded men begin to chant ominously, And just as they silently appeared, So they are gone.

The rite should have ended, Calm restored, the madness over, But Forni has not had his fill. He has a taste in his mouth he has not enjoyed, Since the carpenter’s followers drove his from these lands. He wants more, and he will have it.

Fire once more, The noise returns, But there is no order now. Wolves cry, men scream, Flames tear the dark night sky. Hangi, Jarngrimr, Runatyr! Howling! Anger! Delight! Fundinn! Hovi! Jolf! Power! Knowledge! Rage!

The king of Asgard laughs a terrifying laugh. What have we unleashed? A power in the darkness, Wisdom in the chaos, A madness in the night. ODIN!!!!

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