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Heathens of Yorkshire Prison Outreach

Yesterday we launched the next step of our community outreach programme. The groups Gothi and co-chair, Dan Coultas visited Lindholm Prison to talk about heathenry and lead a blót to Thor. This will be the first of many visits to Yorkshire Prisons, and we are proud to be working alongside the Prison Service Pagan Chaplains to support the prison population, and spread the message of inclusive heathenry. We believe that spiritual development is an important part of the rehabilitation process, and want to ensure that when people leave prison, they know that they will be welcome in the inclusive heathen community.

Furthermore, we are donating a copy of “The Gods’ Own County – A Heathen Prayer book” to every prison in Yorkshire to ensure they have the resources they need to conduct their own heathen rituals.

We would also like to thank all of our members who donated items to our food bank drive at last weekend's moot in Sheffield. We will also be collecting items for local food banks at our November and December moots.

A Prison Service Pagan Chaplain with one of the books donated by Heathens of Yorkshire

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