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Dragon - by Rich Green

Dragon I am the serpent searching the darkest depths. Drinking the tears of grief from the well of Urd. I am the underling, the dark one beneath. I see your real name that you do not dare speak. Writhing through deep roots I find what's locked away, I sate myself on the bittersweet pain, Nothing escapes me down here in the shadows. The soul sits before me unashamedly. I am the Eagle soaring high above you. Voice of the Sky Gods, hear me calling afar. I am the winged bringer of hopes and dreams. Carrying the spirit higher than the moon. I am the song and the dance and memory. I am aspiration, destiny and fate. I am what could be, what is and what once was. I am of the clouds and the rain and the sun. I am alchemy, spirit and soul entwined. I am the Serpent and the Eagle both. A fusion of darkness and light together, I am the wise one, the powerful Dragon. I am strong for I have known much suffering. Wisdom is mine for I have searched many hearts. I am the past, the present and the future. I am the fire that cleanses the nine worlds. © Richard Green 2019

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