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Daily Prayers

-by Peter Quinan


Hail Mani, On this your day. You who light up The dark nights. Brother of Sunna, I honour you. Hail Mani. Accept this offering. Tuesday Hail Tyr, Law giver of the Gods, And of justice.

You who bound Fenrir, And sacrificed your right hand. I honour you this day. Hail Tyr. Accept this offering. Wednesday

Hail Odin, On this your day. Son of Bor and Bestla. Chief of the Aesir, King of Asgard. I honour you. Accept this offering. Thursday

Hail Thor,

Protector of the Gods and Man.

Son of Odin and Frigg.

God of thunder and lightning, and storms.

Hail Thor. Accept this offering.


Hail Frigg.

You who are foremost amongst the Goddesses.

Wife of Odin, Mother to Balder an Hoor. Queen of the Aesir. I honour you, on this your day. Hail Frigg. Accept this offering.

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